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Is Fuck Dating Wrong?


Is it wrong to just date for the sole purpose of sex? 'Fuck dating' has become massively popular in recent years, and we obviously see nothing wrong with it! But some people choose to judge it. Promiscuity has gone full circle. In the Victorian era and into the early twentieth century eroticism was largely repressed. Since then we've roller-coasted from the upbeat free love of the 60's generation to the raw cynicism of the 1980's, and now we have seen sex packaged up and mass produced twenty-first century. What is generally agreed is that we now live in a time when people want to have fun. Now. Not when they are old and retired. This has spawned the over-used 'YOLO' mantra - but there is something in this. Why not have fun, as long as you aren't hurting anyone? At MySexHookups, we have created an atmosphere where it's acceptable to say 'I want fuck dating' without judgment. In fact, you'll fit right in here!

Why Fuck Dating Is Fun

Have you ever been in a relationship where you truly cared about your partner? Where you genuinely cared about their life and how they were, and just being in their company made any situation bearable? Great, so have we. But, did you often find yourself wanting to have hard passionate sex with them? Here in lies the relationship-sex conundrum: dirty, raw sex is hard to have with someone you are emotionally attached to. Sure, a whole load of marriage counselors will tell you it's totally possible to add some kink to the bedroom to maintain a married sex life. But we all know that it's almost impossible to replicate the kind of frenetic passion you get with a sexual encounter with a stranger. And that, to be blunt, is where fuck dating comes in. It's for people who love the thrill of sex with a stranger. The chance to be mysterious and really enjoy kinky sex without looking at a partner and wondering if it's their turn to wash up, or whether they'll be disgusted if you tell them about something strange you want to try in the bedroom.

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After my divorce I was nervous around women. Met a few women on MSH which helped bring me out of my shell. Brian, 37

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