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‘‘ I've met 4 guys from the site so far. Absolutely love it lol’’, Mandy P
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It Started With The End Of A Relationship


You could say I never expected to be running an adult dating site... That would be true! Up until around four years ago, I had never heard of an adult dating website. I was happy in a long term relationship and my eye rarely wandered anyway. Without noticing it, my mojo had started to fade away - I wasn't noticing beautiful women when I was out and about, and I was probably a little bored even of sleeping with my then girlfriend. Then, without any warning, my girlfriend ended it with me and started dating a mutual acquaintance. I was in shock for many months and it knocked my confidence quite a bit. It actually put me off dating entirely for quite a while. After some months went by, I started to notice women again. At the supermarket, at the cinema, in a bar when I was out with friends. I started to feel that long-dormant urge to get back into the game and find a new sexual partner. But, I was still a little damaged mentally from the last relationship experience, so I couldn't stomach the idea of a relationship. I simply wouldn't have functioned as a boyfriend. I couldn't get too attached - I didn't really feel the warmth towards people I'd used to.

How I Started MySexHookups

I was discussing the situation with a friend over a couple of drinks, when she told me she had recently been on a sex dating site. I was surprised - she was one of the more straight-laced people I knew. But she had always struggled to get tied down to one guy, so it made some sense. I tried the site she recommended but was frustrated by fake profiles and time-waster members. I had a decent understanding of how to build a website, so I decided to build my own. I'd like to claim that I knew MySexHookups would be the success it has been, but that'd be a lie. I actually just wanted an adult contacts site that I could use myself to meet women! But, it grew remarkably fast, and soon I had a whole community of sex-seekers all logging in every day to meet new sex partners.

Our Brand Ethos

You've probably worked out by now that this is more than just a business for me. I won't pretend that I'm doing something noble in running a sex contact site! But, I am determined that the site be what I want it to be: a place where like-minded people can meet for consensual, exciting, sex. It's a place where members are expected to respect each other but also leave their sense of 'judging' at the door. Above all, it's a place where people are meant to be themselves, sexually. The whole point is that there is no need for pointless small talk or false interactions (like on most conventional dating sites). Here people can be open about what they are looking for. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have.

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I have a huge sexual appetite. The site is great for meeting guys ;) Kirsty, 25

After my divorce I was nervous around women. Met a few women on MSH which helped bring me out of my shell. Brian, 37

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